Life is always a matter of choice, which gives you tons of chances , Don’t invest more in justifying unsuccessful experiences than in seeking solutions. We don’t have eraser at the pencil with whom we write our life book so, Live your life exactly as you want! Justify yourself to the ones that need you in their life’s, for those are the only people you need in your life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Decide what you want

I was always fascinated by how differently each of us act or react in similar situations. There are times in our lives when we have one second to decide and turns out to be the perfect choice and there are times when we have all the time in the world at our disposal to take a decision and yet choose the wrong one. 
Is it something about the sixth sense? I mean, why spontaneous actions are found to be often the most beautiful and full of emotion experiences? Why, when we're planning something for months is not what we axpected? 

I mean, many times in my life I made decisions, fully aware that is not what I want. You know , those moments when someone dose something to you and you just "pay him back the same". (I hate those moments!) It's not that I've planed it, it's more like , put yourself in the other's shoes, what you don't like, can't definitively please me either! Is it good or bad, to pay the same way? 
One thing I know for sure, it's like a debt interest, if you don't pay back, it will increases until you'll not be able to pay it back. I know, it's not the best Orthodox way, but most of us react more intensely to bad experiences and learn from a bad experience more then from three good once. 
Have you ever seen a mentally ill man, second day after his wedding??? (Yes! I've seen .... mine. :))))kidding...) No, seriously, have you? I haven't. I've seen instead, people going crazy after some bad experience they have passed through.
Marriage-The sum witch two people owe to one another whom defies calculation. A new beginning, a new starting point full of happiness and usefulness, why doesn't that drive us crazy? Good things look faster then the bad. 
So, what's determine us to take decisions? 
I'st ?: 
How come we turn our back to something or someone we want to face or see? Is it for Self pride? Stubbornly? Foolishness? Cause? 
II'nd ?: 
How come we stand and face situations and people we like less or at all? Is it for shame? Weakness? Benefit? Advantage? Favor? 
So, let's take a look at what's actually means "Decision" 
The solution adopted after examining a problem, a situation, among several possible. How's that?! After a thorough examination of the issue we are capable to decide to do other then we want, perfectly aware that we should do the opposite... 
Anyway, what means literally wrong? 
To take one thing as another, to confuse, confusing, to deviate from moral rules, sin??? Who decides that an act is completely wrong? Nothing is completely wrong in this world. Even the clock which has stopped working is correct twice a day, we all hate the darkness but only when it's dark we can see the stars. Point is, if we were meant to know how to live life, we would have come with instructions. Don't we really have "instructions" about life? Think about it, if we equate instructions with experience, here are our directions in life. 
But then again, life simply takes the hard way and treats us like a bad teacher, gives us lessons after taking the exams. 

Don't close the book.... just turn the page. 

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